Criteria: what makes a great pediatrician?

You all are smart, smart ladies.  Some of you, hopefully, most of you, have found a pediatrician that you love!  I am on the hunt.  Please offer any insight into what makes your pediatrician the best!  Little things, big things, things I should look for.  Dr. Denmark is of course our first choice, but quite a trek to get to her.  Can’t wait to hear what you all have to say.

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12 Responses to Criteria: what makes a great pediatrician?

  1. Sarah says:

    I felt clueless when I started looking for one. I wasn’t really sure what to look for and felt weird asking the doctor about his criteria so I skipped that. I wouldn’t’ have known what were good answers anyways. I got a list of recommended doctors from my OBGYN. I narrowed my search to two practices based on location. One was big (20 doctors) and one was small (4 doctors). I chose the small practice for that reason. I didn’t want to get lost in a big practice. Another selling point was that they had a well room and a sick room. When I went to look at the office, the receptionist greeted the patients coming in by name which blew me away! I wanted to be somewhere that they would eventually know my family by name. If you are in Alpharetta, I chose North Point Pediactics.

  2. lauralynne says:

    The well room and the sick room were definitely big selling points for me. The nurses there are also really good at calling you back within a reasonable amount of time and are super-helpful. I had a interview with one of the pediatricians before my son was born, and one of my main issues was immunizations. She listened to my concerns and was willing to work with me. Unfortunately, our wait times can be really long at times which doesn’t bode well with an infant. I’m curious to see what others have found in their practices, as I’m considering a change.

  3. Katie says:

    As a side note, do you all tell your pediatricians that you follow Dr. Denmark’s methods? I think my pediatrician is extremely competent and good at what she does, but she has told me on several occasions to “do what I say and ignore everyone else” – which I do NOT do! :o) I admitted to tummy sleeping and got an earful at our 2 month appointment, but kept our feeding schedule vague. I also plan to start solids next week and have a feeling that her plan for solids will differ from Dr. D’s (and I plan to follow Dr. D’s except that we’re starting at 4 months instead of 3). Do you tell your pediatrician exactly what you’re doing or keep things vague to avoid lectures about the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics?

  4. jamie smith says:

    I asked a lot of girls that I trusted, I went to one that a few girls that didn’t know each other recommended. I live in a small town anyway so there aren’t too many choices. We actually see different doctors at our practice, and I really like all of them.

    I don’t tell them exactly what we are doing unless they ask. When I go in there, they always give a sheet for me to check of the answers (that ask all those questions- sleeping on back and belly, how often she eats, how long she sleeps at night etc.) and I always check the correct answers, and they always look at it and never have a problem. If your child is healthy, they shouldn’t have a problem. Since the first time I visited, they have always told me to “keep doing whatever I am doing” because she is a healthy happy baby.

  5. lauralynne says:

    My doctor and I got into an argument about the whole tummy-sleeping thing. I got “written-up” in her chart; I felt like I was in the principal’s office. I was pretty vague about the feeding. My son is growing and is healthy, so there’s not a lot they can say.

  6. jenn d. says:

    We found a great pediatrician in Alpharetta. Her name is Dr. Kute. She knew exactly who Dr. Denmark was when we mentioned her. She understood our concerns with immunizations and sleep positioning. She didn’t come down on us with what the “rules” are, but instead gave us statistical information on why they suggest what they do and left it at that. She is very good at letting us do the parenting. She also suggests a lot of natural remedies for different issues as well. For example she suggested I take cod liver oil to help with our daughter’s dry skin, instead of prescribing some sort of topical. I really appreciate things like that, because I like to keep things as natural as possible.

    I think the thing to keep in mind is that Doctors HAVE to follow the AAP. If they don’t, they run the risk of lawsuits. So we can’t be too hard on our Pediatricians. I think the key is to find one that understands that YOU are the parent and allows you to decide what’s best for your child. If your baby is happy and healthy there isn’t much they can say anyway! :-)

  7. I take my son to Dr. Kute, too! I love her! She is also a certified lactation consultant, which is so nice. Easton was having latch-on problems, and she helped me so much. Breastfeeding is now getting easier, and I’m actually enjoying it.

    Some people mentioned the sick/well waiting rooms, which Dr. Kute has, but she also has separate patient rooms on separate halls. That makes a big difference as well, especially since you don’t want to be in the same room as a previous sick patient.

    I went to lots of different pediatric open houses before my son was born and was really particular on who I chose. Dr. Kute works at Chatahoochee Pediatrics, and the deciding factor was her willingness to work with me on vaccinations. I plan on vaccinating Easton based on Dr. Sears’ alternative vaccine schedule, and she didn’t have a problem with that at all. The other deciding factor was that she was a lactation consultant, and breastfeeding was my biggest fear.

    Good luck! :)

  8. Cynthia Wetzel says:

    Looking for a pediatrician who practices like Dr. Denmark and is in/near the Athens, GA. Any suggestions?

    • Christina says:

      I have not found one in the Athen’s area, but I did take my daughter to Dr. Latoni in Dacula when we were on Tricare. We have since switched to Kaiser, so my Pediatrician/Dr. list is very limited so I pretty much have to go where they send me. BUT, I have found with all the Pediatrician/Family Practice’s we have been to that a Family Practice Doctor is more willing to accept my “Dr. Denmark” ways than a regular Pediatrician. All the Pediatrician’s I have gone to have told me to stay away from Dr. Denmark methods and that is unsafe…blah blah we have been through a lot of doctors. I’m extremely picky when it comes to my childs health..well, at least if I have a choice. We’ve been on several different insurances with my husbands jobs so that’s why we’ve had frequent changes. All I can say is avoid Pediactric Partners in Athens, they have an extremely rude staff and you will not see a doctor, but a nurse and they won’t speak to you about vaccinations or anything, they just do things to your child without discussing them and I waited over an hour in the exam room 2x and they forgot I was in there. I’ve never had an experience like that one at all the doctors we’ve seen, ever.

  9. Ashley Nolan says:

    Love, Love, Love Dr. Kute!

  10. Anna says:

    I have a question about vaccinations!

    I know Denmark recommended waiting until 5 months and having the shots administered in the deltoid muscle. I checked with my Pediatrician, and she said that everyone now administers shots in the thigh until they are 7 years old (and then they start administering them in the deltoid). Is this okay or do I need to try and find a doctor who will administer the shots in the deltoid? Thanks for your help!

  11. meg32 says:

    in athens dr. henry gerrard is awesome he knows all tbat i do with dr. d and has never qiestioned me once!

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